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INVESTApal is a social networking arena intended to create a new way in which people around the globe invest their money for ownership purposes.  Whether you are interested in owning property or a business, INVESTApal is a gathering space to link people with opportunity.  This is done by sharing the load of ownership and building common interest based cooperative relationships with each other.

The framework of the site is set up so that investors with similar interests are able to find each other and join together to create a partnership.  Instead of using the old economic model of financing, INVESTApal seeks for individuals to use cash and co-ownership as a means of future economic stability.  Thus INVESTApal provides a service as well as a means of empowering people in their personal, economic and social lives.  It means creating a paradigm shift in the way you invest via communication tools and online resources.

INVESTApal is simply a vehicle for people to band together and endorse their own actions.  It promotes cooperation among people and ownership for a better future.  It focuses on providing resources and enhancing communication and creating opportunites for ownership where none existed or were funded with high interest rates in the past.  People working in close cooperation to carry out common actions.

I would Like to Invest in


Investapal welcomes you to a radically new idea in investing, purchasing and finance. Investapal is a global social network built to facilitate the meeting of people from around the world to others with similar investment, purchasing and financial goals and projects.

Have a great business or real estate project but are unable to afford to develop the project on your own? That’s why Investapal was created. You do not need vast resources, bulging bank accounts or unlimited lines of credit, you don’t even need a steady income. Investapal was design for people with great ideas to find people with the resources to make that idea a reality.

Don’t wait until you have money to join, JOIN NOW! DO NOT let your financial situation get in the way of building your dream.

Are willing to donate your time to a worthy cause? Find a worthy cause on Investapal.

Do you have a worthy cause and need volunteers and donors to provide your cause it’s needed resources? We can help you meet those with the resources you need.

Investapal is a completely secure, totally encrypted social networking site with the maximum allowed 128 bit encryption for your privacy. You can set your profile, blog and wall to public for all to see,  visible to just members or only allow your friends to see. Keep the information you want private, private and share the rest with the world

JOIN Investapal NOW, while we are offering a lifetime FREE MEMBERSHIP. Create a group, design and list your project, promote your project via your group and Investapal’s advertising network , add new and old friends, share your posts with your FaceBook friends and build the project of your dreams.

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